An Internship at Artempo: A Dive into the Art of Trophies

Case study June 24, 2024

Victoria spent several months as intern for Artempo, we asked her a few questions about her experience :

What did you learn from your time as intern at Artempo?

” As a student passionate about design, my internship at Artempo was a transformative experience that allowed me to dive into the world of trophies and tombstones.

From the first day, I was warmly welcomed by the Artempo team, composed of designers and project managers. Their commitment to product quality and the care taken in creating custom designs for clients gave me a true work experience. I felt supported throughout, and they were all patient enough to let me handle my first projects.”

Which project did you like the most and why?

” I had the chance to work on a trophy commissioned by Squeezie’s team to create a video with Gentle Mates. It was a very innovative and enjoyable project. The brief was to create an award for the best cook in their e-sports team. They chose a PMMA trophy with black and silver accents, representing various cooking utensils embedded in a transparent base. ”

How did you internship evolve throughtout time?

” Over the weeks, I had the opportunity to immerse myself in all aspects of the trophy creation process. From the initial design to the final manufacturing, I witnessed the meticulousness and expertise required to transform a simple idea into a physical trophy. This allowed me to learn traditional manufacturing techniques, from cutting plates of different mediums to finishing and marking such as engraving or printing. I also discovered how to integrate recent technologies such as 3D printing or artificial intelligence into creative professions.”

We warmly thank Victoria for the last monts spent with our team!
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