Organized every year by the Cultural Center Una Volta, « BD à Bastia » do not need to be presented anymore.

From the 4th to the 7th April, those 4 days are dedicated to comics and illustration with a dozen of original exposition, meetings/debates with authors, young public workshop, show and projections.

“BD à Bastia” remained faithful to their many meeting programs and guided tours with also the setting up of an ephemeral bookshop and the organization of the high school student book award.

The theme of this 26th edition? The Archipelago, the Island.

The Archipelago take here several aspects, formed of varied islands real or imaginary, from adventure narrative to historical facts wandering between utopian narrative and fiction.

Each author makes us discover through their history, their illustrations different atmospheres and universes that transport us but also question us, sometimes even playfully.

Retrospective exhibitions on the work of authors having marked the year 2018 were highlighted, as the exposition Brecht Evencht, but also on the author Néjib and on Cyril Pedrosa that sign the disturbing and beautiful poster of this edition.

This year again, the festival gave an important place to authors whose work, certainly discreet, yet is remarkable with also young authors honoured.

Una Volta, head quarter, place of exhibitions and emotions, transformed itself during these 4 days into a time machine, allowing all to exploit an immensity of small islands, Islands certainly all different but linked by this link of creation and sharing.

“See the island as a philosophical concept” says Juana Macari, director of the cultural and comic center in Bastia.