Dalkia – Women Energy In Transition


On November 13, the second edition of the Women Energy In Transition Award was organized by Dalkia.

Dalkia is a French company specialized in energy services. Their goal is to put their skills and talents at the service of the energy transition, thus preserving the environment.

This ceremony aims to encourage women with a significant career in the field of energy transition. Dalkia aims to promote the place of women in a sector that is both scientific and technical.

Their goal is to facilitate education in these sectors, then the access to the first job, to encourage women to consolidate their place in society and especially in business, and finally, to reinforce the conviction that women have a major role to play in the evolution of society.

During the ceremony, Dalkia and its partners had the pleasure of rewarding several candidates in the following categories:

1 Dalkia prize for women working in “supports professions”

1 Dalkia prize for women working in technical profession

3 prizes per domain for women engaged in a professional activity linked to the energy transition

3 prices per level of study for students.

We are proud to have been able to collaborate on this beautiful project. In order to support this cause, we have achieved an elegant and solid trophy. To do this, we opted for a mixture of plexiglas, metal and mirror effect. We will enjoy participating next year in this beautiful awards ceremony.