Olivier « Swiz » is a French artist born in 1983. Before getting into contemporary art is was a prolific graph artist.

Swiz heavily worked in Paris during the 2000’s with his crew 16T (INSISTEZ). He multiplied illegal paintings in the subway, on high rooftops and on old industrial fields in the western suburbs of Paris. He insisted a lot on his nickname 16T and repeatidly worked on its letter dynamic. In 2008 he got from the street to a workshop and he exhibited a lot until 2014 :

2009 « TAG », exhibition of reknown graph artists, Grand Palais, Paris

2010 «Feu Vert», exhibition on sustainability. The money was given to carry out archeological research in Paris

2011 – 2012 « Mausolée » project in an old supermarket in the north of Paris

« 400 ML », Maison des Métallos, Paris

« Lettres de noblesse », Palais de Tokyo, Paris : auction sales for SOS Racism

2013 – 2014 « Dans les Entrailles du Palais Secret », Palais de Tokyo, Paris

« Graffiti : Tableaux de maitres », Fondation Pierre Bergé, Palais de Tokyo, Paris

« Bras Cassés », espace Confluences, Paris

« Urban walk », galerie Voskel, Paris

« Graffuturism », galerie Openspace, Paris

« Carhartt colab gallery », Weil Am Rhein, Allemagne

« Major Minority », 1AM Gallery, San Francisco, USA

« Closer Together » 44309 Gallery, Dortmund, Allemagne

Le Mur XIII, Paris

From 2014 until 2016 he traveled a lot in North Africa and India and got a lot of inspiration from these places, especially in terms of calligraphy.

He took part in the development of the ‘Graffuturisme” movement. “Graffuturisme’ is a concept invented by the American artist Poesia in 2010 when he decided to gather together several graph artists and make them work on more abstract and complex graph artworks than usual. Graffuturisme is hallway between graph art and classic art and can be found either on the streets or workshops.

Swiz is a discreet and talented artist. His trips and encounters have made him evolved towards a real artistic stature. We appreciate his living style and his complex and simple artworks. He is one of the few graph artist with the soul of a classic artist and one of the few classic artist with the soul of street artist !