The Ecosport Awards are an event organized by the Union sport & cycle with the support of the minister of the environment, an event that highlight and reward sport companies involved and innovative in sustainable development and environment protection.

Six awards were awarded in six categories: Structures and places of practice for the best achievement aiming to improve the environmental performance of a structure (stadium) or a place of sports practice (gymnasium,); Recycling and end of life that will reward a company which considers the recycling process of its products. This can concern the in-store collect, partnership with association for recuperation and recycle products; Heightening of awareness of the practitioners for the engagement of a company in an environmental awareness program designed for sports practitioners. Every actions for the general public such as partnership with NGO’s advocating for the protection of the environment, environmental raising awareness events; Sustainable management that will reward the company that achieves some sustainable change inside its management such as green logistics, resettlement policy, raising environmental awareness of the employees; Eco-Designed for the eco-design sports article leading to the most spectacular reduction of its environmental impact throughout its life circle (change of materials, more energy-efficient process,…); Grand jury that will reward the best achievement throughout all the categories of awards.

The Ecosport Awards are open to all companies and organizations that have an activity in the sport sector: from the manufacturing, distribution or service; if you want to apply it is here.

Artempo had the pleasure to realize for this new edition of the Ecosport Awards six totem made of natural wood in the image of the event with a personalization at the colors of the Ecosport Awards.

Congratulation to all the participants and laureates, see you next year!