The European days of Art and Craft happened from April 1st to April 7th everywhere in France and Europe.

Organized every year by the INMA this unique event allows the young people and older to discover the Handcraft world and different Art professions.

Created in 2002, this cultural event gathers now 18 European countries, bringing forward the exceptional expertise of art and craft in all their wealth and diversity.

 The JEMA play a true role of transmission for the young generation.

And for this 13th edition they place themselves under the sign of “Signatures des territoires”. Territoriality, attachment to the land, heritage … are the highlighted elements.

Many events are organized as visit of workshop, discovery of art and craft professions, thematic tours, workshop for the young public and many other interventions, to highlight the wealth and diversity of art and craft professions on French territory.

We went to the ephemeral gallery at the EAC, where was the ArtTerre exhibition.

The Gallery give the opportunity for student to highlight the French skills through different professions.

This exhibition has gathered creations from different designers and craftsman.

Cabinet making, ceramics, glassware, tapestry, ironwork …

The notion of territory is exploited under various angles and it is by plurality of used medium that we can see the opportunities available by different materials, and the way each artist appropriates them, to shape them in their image.

“These are all these interconnections between artists and their medium that is the answer to the theme “Territory, Territorialities”. Hence the name ArTerre. The element that comeback in every creation is earth. This earth, whatever its state, represent the vital drive of art, the element without which it would not exist.”