A few days ago, I visited the snail forest. What is this? 29 street artists who mixed their universe to create a giant snail. They sculpt, paint, make both inside and outside the structure.

It is a collective artwork, some work on the external frame when other cover the shell with   settings on the forest theme: along a path, arise totems, hangings, magical strains, trees and animals. The settings communicate and merge to one another, drawing the contour of a small poetic and inseparable world.

From the outside, the structure is impressive, we well recognize a snail, very colourful.

When entering, we penetrate into a true custom-made artistic universe, with artworks reflecting the personality of each committed artist.

Just as the snail that lives in osmosis with the forest, the Forêt Escargot has been conceived thinking of the environment respect. They favour recycling and reuse of materials and they unearthed many treasures.

A polystyrene platform rises in the shape of a giant spider and car headlights become the snail’s antenna. They reuse every material possible: wood, furniture, PVC, scrap metal…everything comes from ephemeral events, relocation, lamp fill, or things found down the street.

Going through the Forêt Escargot, born from the urban consumption waste, visitors, children or adults, can wonder about the future of our waste products, understanding that beautiful does not always mean new, and consider waste life stages around them as resources and not just waste.

Go see this roving exhibition in France.

Currently in la Rochefoucauld Hospital area, in Paris, until February 23rd. Other places to come on the following website https://laforetescargot.com/