Written by Bourdeaut Olivier, published in January 2016 at Finitude, the book « Waiting for Bojangles » is an addictive mix between joy and melancholia, diving us into a parallel and timeless universe.

It is the story of an abnormal, quirky and flourishing family with some taste for extravagance et craziness.

« Waiting for Bojangles », is about the narrator’s childhood, main character with his parents who are linked by a mad love and sweet madness.

There is only room for pleasure and fantasy, partying all day and night, and leaving to the Spanish castle to escape.

In this moving dance rhythmed by Nina Simone’s « Mr Bojangles », the mom sets, extravagant and unpredictable will-o’-the-wisp.

Eugénie, Hortense, Joséphine, her name changes every day, according to her husband’s mood.

« Give me the name which pleases you! But please, entertain me, make me laugh, here people are all spoiled with boredom! »

Miss Superfétatoire, Numidia bird adopted by the mom during a trip, adds more craziness and extravagance to the trio.

But what makes the beauty of this novel, it’s precisely that madness which unites this unusual family, of a husband (and father) desperate to make his wife happy, ready to follow her madness, in love with her extravagance, and turning folly into normality.

We find mad love as well in the son, in his admiration for his mom, her moves, her words.

It is normal for him to see his parents drink champagne as the sun rises, and he does not suffer from that education, that other could qualify as light and unconscious.

However, one day, this woman goes too far.

Father and son will then make every effort to prevent the ineluctable, so the party can go on, whatever it takes.

Mad love has never deserved its name more.

 « This craziness, I had welcome it with opened arms, then I closed them as hard as I could to impregnate myself of it, but I feared such a sweet madness was not everlasting.”