From last October 16th to 18th took place the MaMa festival, the biggest French reunion in the musical industry.

Gathering professionals from all over the world – 6 400 attending the event – in iconic rooms and places of the Pigalle-Montmartre area, the MaMa offers the opportunity to agencies, labels, publishing companies and artist’ managers to take part in different French and international artists’ performances in front of an audience both professional and amateur.

Around 150 debates, conferences, workshops were organized gathering 450 speakers.

Emblematic topics from the musical industry were addressed such as innovation, data, marketing and communication but also publishing, self-production and a lot of other themes!

The convention program was rich in activities (showcase, workshops, organized meetings).

It was the opportunity to discuss other themes such as artificial intelligence, virtual realities, social networks but also sustainability, notions deeply anchored in our time.

On the evening, MaMA turns Pigalle into a giant festival, attended by professionals and Parisian audience. I had the chance to assist the Molécule gig in La Cigale, a 360° live that dives us into a different universe.

In 7th editions, MaMA was able to mark the musical calendar of the capital, aiming at both professionals and music fans.

Time for sharing and listening, it gives free time to music and takes us through Pigalle to discover tomorrow’s new talents.

Artempo was thrilled to collaborate with the MaMA’s team and create the MaMA Invent Riffx’s award, given to the best solution/innovative service after Pitch sessions realized in attendance of renowned jury.

We look forward the next edition!