Since 1991 ARTEMPO has been dedicated to design and conceive tailor-made trophies.

Tailor-made and French “savoir-faire” are our two key words to guarantee our clients unique creations and authentic artworks matching their company’s values and events.

Each trophy is unique and our 27 years of experience in this field have enabled us to master every detail of each trophy universe: corporate, sport, new technologies or finance.

Finance let’s talk about it because this is one very particular trophy universe: the world of tombstones!

Tombstones are very special and cannot be treated like other trophies. Tombstones are handed out to financial actors, but they reflect numerous companies, sectors, technologies. Each financial deal, closing, capital raising, merger and acquisition deal with various business partners and economic sectors. Therefore, we always need to innovate in terms of creation to design a tombstone that matches the values and characteristics of the financial deal. Tombstones need to be very detailed in their conception but also very direct and immediate in their overall look and feel.

This is the reason why at ARTEMPO we have decided to implement a dedicated page for tombstones on our website. Our goal is to highlight our tombstone artworks in a more effective and direct way so that our clients and prospects better find what they are looking for. It is also for us a great opportunity to go international!

We invite you to have a look at our new page.

Offering a tombstone is the key to magnify your deal and make it even more concrete by thanking all team members with a unique and tailor-made gift! Don’t wait any longer, contact our expert team!