On April the 2nd 2019 the famous Guide MICHELIN organized the first edition of the Passion Dessert Awards. These awards are handed out to the best pastry chefs of the year and they are sponsored by the chocolate maker Valrhona. They highlight this very particular field of cooking which is pastry.

The ceremony took place in Courchevel in the magnificent K2 palace hotel, a breathtaking scenery that reminds us of the mind-blowing pastry artworks of the chefs! The Guide MICHELIN team was on site and thirty chefs were awarded.

We are extremely proud and honored to work with Le Guide MICHELIN on a such a second project. After the Guide MICHELIN Awards it was for us a great challenge to design a different artwork but as esthetic and as powerful as the previous ones. After having worked on metal we have decided to come out with a plexiglas design to give more lightness and we’ve obviously kept the emblematic flower of the Guide’s logo with a similar movement to the previous awards. We would like to warmly thank the MICHELIN team for their trust on such thrilling projects!

And here is the thorough list of the awarded chefs:

Jessica Prealpato, Jérémie Bousseau, Loic Colliau, Julien Alvarez, Jonathan Wahid, Benoît Charvet, Toshyiya Takatsuka, Michael Bartocetti, Julien Dugourd, Jessy Rhinn Auvray, Jordan Stiée, Benoit Jabouille, Nicolas Paciello, François Perret, Florian Grad, Cédric Grolet, Sébastien Vauxion, Yoann Normand, Christelle Brua, Lucile Darosey, Brandon Dehan, Marie Simon, Rodolphe Tronc, Ludovic Soufflet, Eric Verbauwhede, Pauline Dorange, Anthony Fresnay, Patrice Ibarboure, Nicolas Multon, Aleksandre Oliver