Until the end of the month, the European museum of photography presents for the first time one of the most influential Chinese photographers of his generation.

In the exhibition Love, Ren Hang, we find 150 pictures from several collections in China and Europe. The stagings represent portraits of his relatives, friends or family, but also landscapes and nudes.

In a first time, it is electrified colors that are obvious to us: Ren Hang plays with a powerful flash, on white backgrounds that bring out the acid colors. Indeed, there are some clichés of fashion photography: animals for staging, nails and red lips, androgynous bodies … A provocative side that made him a victim of censorship in his own country. It has however been exhibited in numerous galleries around the world and was regularly published in fashion magazines such as Purple and Numero.

However, although the artist killed himself at the dawn of his thirties, he reveals through these images a note of humor and poetry.