A few weeks ago, I had the chance to attend the theatrical performance of Sherlock Holmes – The Boscombe valley mystery at the Grand Point-Virgule Theatre, Paris 14. In continuity of the 2018 success at the Splendid Theatre, the Gymnase Theatres as well as in the Avignon festival, this title is one of Arthur Conan Doyle’s 56 stories staging the investigator Sherlock Holmes.

From the outset, the stage is set with an authentic londonian “fog”, an English “bobby” and a petty thief. Three comedians, nine characters and a murderer to identify…are on stage. The audience is brought up to investigate with Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson the death of Charles Mac Carthy…the comedian trio is perfect to lead this surprising investigation: a delicious cocktail of action, suspense and British humour.

Dialogue is vivid, coming in from all parts, the audience is entertained, amazed, moved and in awe before the finely cut stage production, sharp as a Sherlock Holmes’ deduction. This does not prevent them from using references to modern scientific police and gory cinema.

Christophe Delort ’s theatrical adaptation into a family comedy is a success, including for a young audience. This is a high-quality entertainment, full of humour and happiness.

This is why a strongly advise you to go and see this play: one hour and a half that passes by like ten minutes! An epic moment of theatrical happiness which confirms Sherlock Holmes’ famous saying: “nothing scares me more than a severe boredom crisis”.