After the success for their inauguration last year with the works of Gustav Klint, it’s Vincent Van Gogh’s turn to be highlighted from February 22 to December 31. It is in an old foundry of the nineteenth century that the Atelier des Lumières has established itself, offering an immersive journey through projections of his masterpieces.

The exhibition resumes the huge production of Van Gogh, from the Potato Eaters (1885), to the Sunflowers (1888) at The Starry Night (1889) the Dutch painter has continued to evolve his art over the years. The Atelier des lumières highlights the particular style of Van Gogh’s world in which we dive thanks to the game of lights and the soundscape. The immersive exhibition evokes Van Gogh’s chaotic and poetic world between shadow and light.

Nearly 500 works of art are projected at the Atelier des lumières, between landscapes, portraits. It is a journey that we live through these projections and this atmosphere that gives life to the works of art. The exhibition takes the different stages of Van Gogh’s life, between Arles and Paris, we have the feeling of accompanying the artist on his journey.

In the center of the workshop, the paintings of the painter are represented in their entirety, with comments and mention of the museum where they are exhibited. This completes well the sensory side of the experience.

Plus, a short projection also pays tribute to Japan, a country fantasized by Van Gogh, which allows us to enjoy a little more of this Atelier des lumières.