At the end of 2018, we have had the pleasure to be invited for the second time in a row to the Supplier’s Convention organized by the BPCE Group.

On this occasion, we were challenged to create a masterful piece that in its entirety would break down into 9 trophies during the prizegiving. Hence, we created small triangular awards made from translucent purple Plexiglas which re-formed a huge pyramid during the ceremony. In order to sublimate and hold together the different pieces, we added some painted oak pedestals.

Special thank both Pierre César and Claudia Duarte for their trust and good spirit all along this project.

The convention day was the opportunity to discover the Group BPCE values in this relation major accounts/suppliers, which can sometimes be unbalanced.

There has been much discussion about expectation, mutual respect and innovation at any level.

Thank you for this passionate convention and congratulations to all.

See you next year for creating a new challenge…