PMMA, also called acrylic glass and better known by its first trade name of Plexiglas, is a transparent thermoplastic, particularly suitable for making custom-made trophies.
It has two main advantages: first of all, its optical properties make it an excellent alternative to glass, light is transmitted in full, ideal for clear and luminous creations. Also, thanks to its high rigidity, we can create various designs with PMMA, of all sizes and thicknesses.
Customization and marking techniques are also numerous. On the surface we can print, screen print and laser engrave. In the material itself, we can tint the PMMA for colored sculptures – translucent or opaque and carry out inclusion processes – of objects or documents.PMMA also combines perfectly with other materials for more complex creations. Either by using organic materials such as wood or more technical ones such as mineral powders printed in 3D.

Finally, it’s a material that can be recycled almost infinitely, by melting it in order to transform it into other objects.