She was born in Denmark in 1967 and shows her artwork at the Maria Lund gallery in the Marais during all summer. After having her Plastic Art Diploma with congratulations from the National Architecture School of Beaux-Arts in Paris in 1993, she kept looking for new supports.

She changed her way to work for 25 years and she has not finish to surprise us. Through her artist’ qualities we discover a research work about colors, gross or smooth surfaces and movement. Her path in the art world attests of a desire to never stop at the first drop and the wish to let her gesture improvise along the time.

What is impressing is to watch the difference between an artwork from her beginning (with results looking damaged) and the precision of her today artwork. Now we can say that her work is matured, timeless, with a high attention to detail. Her work techniques use a contemporary language and put lighting at the center of the scene. It is full of vibrations, movement, like a spirit both mechanical and human. A true discovery!