Tailor-made plexiglas trophies. Modern, light and resistant, plexiglas is definitely the best-suited material for the most diverse requests. Plexiglas offers many creation possibilities: trophies can be cut and shaped, tinted in the mass, engraved or silkscreen printed. 
Printing on plexiglas is very trendy and allows both chic and playful finishing. It is also the only material that allows the inclusion of your diplomas, any document or even device related to your company! ... Know more

P01. Tailor-shaped plexiglas trophy

P02. Tailor-shaped plexiglas trophy

P03. Artistic plexiglas trophy

P04. Tailor-shaped plexiglas trophy

P05. Plexiglas trophy with device inclusion

P06. Bi-material trophy : plexiglas & brushed inox

P07. Rounded plexiglas trophy with the inclusion of a printed film

P08. Coloured plexiglas puzzle trophy

P09. Tailor-shaped plexiglas trophy with optical glasses inclusion

P10. Plexiglas sculpture

P11. Golden brass trophy on a plexiglas base

P12. Sandblasted plexiglas trophy with inclusion

P13. Tailor-shaped plexiglas trophy

P14. Plexiglas sculpture on a steel stick

P15. Plexiglas trophy with inclusion of words made of aluminium strings

P16. Plexiglas & metal totem trophy

P17. Plexiglas trophy

P18. Plexiglas totem trophy with coloured and printed plexiglas sticks

P19. Plexiglas trophy with inclusion of vine branches

P20. Tailor-shaped plexiglas sculpture

P21. Rounded plexiglas trophy with digital printing

P22. Tailor-shaped plexiglas trophy

P23. Artistic creation, original painting on plexiglas

P24. Plexiglas trophy with inclusion of a printed visual

P25. Plexiglas trophy with additional pieces on the front face

P26. Tailor-shaped plexiglas trophy

P27. Plexiglas trophy

P28. Plexiglas trophy

P29. Plexiglas trophy with document inlaying

P30. Plexiglas trophy with colored material injection

P31. Outfitting plexiglas piece for walls

P32. Rounded plexiglas trophy with digital printing

P33. Tailor-shaped plexiglas trophy

P34. Tailor-shaped plexiglas trophy

P35. Plexiglas trophy with inclusion of a drawing

P36. Rounded plexiglas trophy with base

P37. Plexiglas trophy with lightning system

P38. Rounded plexiglas trophies with digital printing

P39. Plexiglas and wooden trophy

P40. Plexiglas and oak wood trophy

P41. Two blocks plexiglas totem with inclusion of colored PMMA

P42. Tailor-shaped plexiglas trophy on a rounded base