Reducing our carbon footprint with recycled packaging

Case study December 20, 2023

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Bespoke, recycled packaging

Alfred de Musset once said, “the bottle doesn’t matter, as long as you get drunk,” but we at ARTEMPO don’t quite agree! A beautiful piece deserves a tailor-made box that enhances it. That is why all our pieces are packaged in bespoke boxes. While the box protects our awards and tombstones, it also serves to reveal their contents, which is why we pay particular attention to it. What’s more, all our boxes are made from recycled cardboard. So, our packaging is environmentally responsible, recycled and, most importantly, recyclable! And to take customisation to the next level, we also offer our customers the option of digital printing or laser engraving on the boxes to add that final touch of uniqueness!


Sensible and responsible packaging

At ARTEMPO, we place great emphasis on the durability of our packaging. Aware of the issues surrounding plastic waste, we mainly use recycled kraft paper to finish our packages. Plastic, polystyrene, and other polluting materials are therefore banned from our packaging processes. We also reuse all of our cardboard to minimise waste and aim to use as little virgin material in our packaging as possible.

Environmentally responsible deliveries

Transporting our trophies and memorials, whether from our studios or to our customers, has an impact on the environment. To limit this impact, we have chosen carriers who are committed to more sustainable transport, particularly electric and low emission vehicles. Moreover, we manufacture our awards and tombstones in France, which means we can significantly reduce the impact of transport compared to parts made in Asia. It’s a virtuous circle that we are working hard to create at ARTEMPO. There’s still a long way to go, of course, but we’re proud to be on this journey with our customers!