In 2016 Première Ligue – a new French professional football club association – asked us to design and make its first trophies. It was a brand new project for us and for Première Ligue, what a great challenge ! A collaboration that took place again this year with the making of twenty-four metal sculptures shaped following Première Ligue logo. We were delighted to see top clubs and and their executives going home with our trophies.

2017 is the year of football for Artempo : after Première Ligue, the French Professional Football League has contacted us to design the Orange e-Ligue 1 trophies. The Orange e-Ligue 1 is the video game version of the French Football League. For this event we have designed two different kinds of trophy : a video game controller made of plexiglas for the group stage and a huge metal ball for the final stage.

We have also just finished another project for the French Professional Football League in association with Tag Heuer : the fastest goal of month award ! These ten plexiglas trophies are branded with the official sponsor Tag Heuer. Congratulations to Kamil Glick, AS Monaco player and first winner of this trophy.

Première Ligue, Orange e-Ligue 1, Tag Heuer award : football is everywhere at Artempo !