The use of recycled PMMA at Artempo

Case study December 19, 2023

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100% recycled PMMA

Plexiglas offers our designers a vast creative universe. Strong and elegant, it is infinitely customisable and ideal for creating bespoke awards and tombstones. Conscious and concerned about the impact of Plexiglas on our environment, we have now decided to exclusively use a new range of 100% recycled Plexiglas: the Greencast range. This 100% recycled and recyclable Plexiglas is made from waste and end-of-life products. At ARTEMPO we are committed to using only this range of Plexiglas to offer our customers more sustainable awards and tombstones. And that’s not all since we’re now going one step further by manufacturing our own Made in ARTEMPO recycled Plexiglas!


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Our recycled Plexiglas made in ARTEMPO

After introducing the Greencast range to our partner studios, we started thinking about how we could optimise our own Plexiglas waste. Our starting point was a simple observation: what should we do with the Plexiglas scraps we get when cutting our awards and tombstones? Originally destined for the dustbin, these Plexiglas scraps turned out to be extremely useful in the production of new material. So, we’ve set up a process in the studio to re-create Plexiglas from off-cuts. How does it work? We explain it all in detail in the video below! We collect the off-cuts and grind them into shavings. We then add some new liquid material to the shavings, heat it up and create a new sheet of material. This new material is made up of 65% recycled Plexiglas shavings. This process allows us to revalue our waste by giving it a second life in the form of more durable awards and tombstones. And icing on the cake: the final result is highly aesthetic and original, giving our creations a unique look!

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Let’s go one step further in recycling!

Plastic waste is a real problem for society and recycling it to create new products is an effective response. We are now able to recycle our Plexiglas waste. We’ve perfected the process and are making a range of creations from this recycled material. But we want to go even further and offer awards and tombstones made from recycled plastic! We are therefore calling on suppliers who specialise in recycling plastic waste to supply us with material made from 100% recycled plastic. Creating awards and tombstones by giving a second life to all kinds of plastic waste is now possible with ARTEMPO! We can even make creations from our customers’ own plastic waste: the combination of sustainability and customisation has never been more exciting!