“Du dialogue avec la matière nait le geste de l’homme”

If you have a walk near the too noisy Luxembourg garden, I invite you to go around the Zadkine museum, a poetic and quiet place. This charming location is now dedicated to the Russian sculptor  Ossip Zadkine (1887-1967). It has been his living and creation place from 1928 to 1967.

This big green garden is shaped as a workshop, and it is one the last testimony place of the artist. It is also one of the last workshop in Paris that has been saved (with the one of Antoine Bourdelle), in the artistic Montparnasse.

Dress up in a serenity cocoon I discover the creations, thought around the question of the material.

« Sous la lumière des verrières, plâtres, terres, bois et pierres dialoguent. »

Zadkine worked with many materials « les puissances formelles ».

From wood to rock or ink, in 3 dimensions or on paper, he explored many different ways. For Zadkine, to shape, draw, and paint with gouache or watercolour are a way of expression in the same creation movement. This movement is felt in every step of the visit.

Take a moment to stay in the garden, and let you take by the fullness of the place, let you seduce by the sculptures, lost in the garden. Observing or observed?

Let your mind leave Paris and go on the Zadkine poetry.

« Le langage de la sculpture est un néant prétentieux s’il n’est pas composé de mots d’amour et de poésie. »