Oak wood, Beech wood, or MDF?

Case study April 02, 2024

In the world of trophies and awards, every detail matters, from conception to the choice of raw material. This not only affects aesthetics but also the quality and durability of the final trophy.
At Artempo, we’re here to guide you through the important details that make all the difference. We offer several choices, including the most popular options such as oak, beech, and MDF (medium- density fiberboard).
Each of these materials has unique characteristics that influence the final appearance of the trophy. Additionally, the customization method (Printing? Engraving?) also plays an essential role in how the product will be constructed.
In this guide, we will explore together the differences between oak, beech, and MDF when used to create trophies, while examining the subtleties between four-color printing and wood engraving.

The Timeless Charm of Oak:

Oak is a classic and sophisticated choice when it comes to making trophies! With its unique grain and warm color, it brings unparalleled elegance to every project. Its distinctive appearance and warm hue add a touch of sophistication to any project. As a hardwood, oak is resistant and durable, making it an ideal choice for trophies intended to be displayed for many years. Additionally, oak responds well to engraving, offering sharp and precise details that add an extra dimension to trophy customization. However, it’s worth noting that if you choose to do four-color printing, the wood grain will be visible underneath.

The Versatility of Beech:

Beech is another popular choice in trophy making due to its versatility and attractive appearance. It’s somewhat like a brighter version of oak while retaining its natural charm. With its regular and fine grain, it’s perfect for different finishes, from light natural shades to vibrant colors. Although less dense than oak, beech remains quite sturdy, making it a reliable choice for trophies intended to be handled frequently. Engraving on beech also produces impressive results, although sometimes it may be less deep than on oak due to its slightly lower density. Four-color printing also works very well because it’s a smoother wood.

The Modernity of MDF:

MDF, or medium-density fiberboard, is a modern choice for crafting trophies. Made from compressed wood fibers with resin, MDF offers a smooth and uniform surface, perfect for printing.
Less traditional than solid wood, it offers complete freedom in terms of design. Do you have ideas for unique shapes and finishes? No problem with MDF! And guess what? We can lacquer it in the color of your choice. That’s MDF, always ready to meet all your creative desires!

On the other hand, due to its composition, MDF offers lightness that makes it easy to handle and move!
The Art of Customization:
When it comes to customizing wooden trophies, two main techniques are commonly used: four- color printing and engraving. Four-color printing, also known as digital printing, allows high- resolution images to be transferred onto wood, offering an infinite