ARTEMPO’s commitment to the use of certified wood

Case study December 20, 2023

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European wood from FSC and PEFC certified forests

Wood is one of our favourite materials at ARTEMPO. Noble, elegant and above all natural, wood offers great creative possibilities while respecting our environment. Our wood comes from European and French forests: Spanish Basque Country, Landes, Jura or even Burgundy, we make every effort to source wood close to our studios in order to reduce the environmental impact of transport and support the local economy. We also pay close attention to the management of the forests from which we source our material, using only FSC or PEFC certified wood. These two widely used labels are a real guarantee of environmental quality in terms of sustainable forest management.

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The FSC and PEFC labels

Forest Stewardship Council & Program for Endorsement of Forest Certification
These labels are affixed to wood products and guarantee that the product you are buying comes from a forest that is sustainably managed according to environmental, social, and economic criteria.

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The role of wood at ARTEMPO

Wood is at the heart of our creative process and is used in most of our awards and tombstones, as a primary or secondary material, or combined with other materials such as Plexiglas or concrete. We work with wood in all its forms and from a wide range of species: oak, beech, ash, pine, and birch. In addition to its low environmental impact, wood is a very high-quality material to work with. It’s easy to cut and, thanks to our five-axis numerical control, can be machined in volume. It’s a material that lends itself well to digital printing and, most importantly, is easy to engrave. Laser engraving is a marking process that is very often associated with wood because its “burnt” finish is very aesthetic and blends in perfectly with the wood. It also has the advantage of being highly environmentally friendly since it uses no ink or chemicals. Opting for wooden awards and tombstones means choosing a noble, sustainable, and environmentally friendly material.

A wide choice of wood species