Team life at ARTEMPO

Case study April 15, 2024

ARTEMPO Universe : harmony at work
In today’s world of work, a company’s success is measured not only by its financial results but also by the well-being and cohesion of its team. At ARTEMPO, this philosophy lies at the heart of our corporate culture. We believe in creating a harmonious and healthy work environment where each team member can thrive. To support this commitment, we organize a variety of activities aimed at strengthening the bonds between our team members and promoting well-being at work. We believe in the importance of investing in initiatives focused on team cohesion and maintaining a balance between professional and personal life.

Our open workspaces encourage spontaneous interactions, while our meeting room allows us to discuss ongoing projects and upcoming challenges more seriously. Brainstorming sessions create a space where everyone can express themselves freely, while our research and development projects stimulate creativity at all levels of the company.

ARTEMPO is actively committed to creating a work environment conducive to the development of its employees by offering training and professional development programs, thus enabling everyone to progress in their careers.

Telecommuting : flexibility and efficiency
Telecommuting is an essential element of our corporate culture at ARTEMPO. We have adopted this practice for several years, recognizing its benefits in terms of flexibility and efficiency, balancing agency presence and remote work. We use a range of online communication and collaboration tools to facilitate smooth interaction among our collaborators. This approach allows us to effectively balance everyone’s professional and personal lives, thus promoting their overall well-being.

Team Building : stimulating cohesion
Our dynamic and varied team-building activities promote cohesion, communication, and teamwork. From pottery classes to axe throwing and immersive experiences, we offer our employees numerous opportunities to connect and engage with each other outside the professional setting. ARTEMPO also encourages spontaneous initiatives such as team lunches or sports challenges (like the Jonquille race). These moments of conviviality among collaborators contribute to creating a positive and stimulating work environment where everyone can share their passions and develop new interests!

Seminar : strengthening bonds
Every year, we also organize a company seminar to strengthen bonds within our team. This seminar offers a break from the work rhythm, allowing collaborators to meet in an environment completely different from the agency. Whether it’s an urban getaway in a dynamic metropolis or a short seaside retreat, each collaborator can explore a new environment with colleagues, in joy and good spirits! Through carefully selected activities such as museum visits, culinary tastings, or outdoor excursions, our seminars offer an enriching and immersive experience, thus fostering sharing among our employees.

ARTEMPO : the art of balance
At ARTEMPO, we believe in the art of balance. Thanks to a dynamic and inspiring work environment, every member of our team feels valued and motivated to contribute to the collective success of the company. We are proud to cultivate a corporate culture that prioritizes the well-being of our employees because we believe that happy employees are productive and engaged employees.