Presenting awards during a corporate event: the complete guide

Case study March 11, 2024

Seeing one’s work praised is such a human need that a lack of recognition is often the cause of an employee’s departure.


This is why a rewards program is carefully developed. Both internally, with the implementation of traditional salary recognition tools: bonuses, promotions, etc. and externally: an awards ceremony during a corporate event will further mark the solemnity of the moment.

And like all events, this one is prepared well in advance (allow six months), according to a precise process.

Follow the leader !


The key steps of your rewards program

Before proceeding with the presentation of your corporate awards, it is necessary to define four elements, which will determine the entire organization of your event.


Step 1: Establish your goals

Ask yourself: What results do your teams need to achieve to receive their rewards?


To do this, be precise on the figures (percentage of turnover to be achieved, satisfaction rate, etc.) and on the frequency (monthly, quarterly, annual objectives, etc.).


Then separate the objectives specific to each team: salespeople will not be offered the same goals as communicators.


Keep in mind that this is about setting specific objectives for your business. What do you want to reward and aim for as a priority: rapid performance or long-term loyalty? Improvement in production or the quality process?


Everything will depend on the main directions that you want to promote.


Step 2: define your selection criteria

This is an equally crucial and strategic step. Your selection criteria must be clear and measurable.


Otherwise, the rewards program will be neither stimulating nor achievable in the eyes of your teams.


To do this, set quantitative and qualitative performance criteria, both individual and collective. Then provide regular feedback, so that your late colleagues can quickly return to the challenge.


Implementing efficiency indicators is not an exact science: rely on your sense of human relations. Performance management software can also help.


Step 3: Choose the rewards you will give

There are various categories:

  • Financial rewards : target or profit-sharing bonuses, gift vouchers, etc.
  • Honorary awards : presenting a trophy is a lasting way to show your appreciation to your teams for their good work.
  • Collective rewards : this may involve the organization of parties, a relaxation area, team activities, etc.

Step 4: Figure out the costs to implement these elements

If your objectives have been well defined at the start, you will easily manage to stick to your budget and distribute it in a balanced way.


Of course, include expenses related to the event itself: we will detail them in the next section.


Preparing for the event

You will have to list all the items that go into planning an event:

  • Choice of date, depending on the availability of your teams,
  • Choice and reservation of the location, in accordance with the festive theme of an awards ceremony, and the spirit of your company.
  • Preparation of invitations, with text and visuals,
  • Description of the process, with precise timing and the designation of the people who will award the prizes.
  • Then comes the logistical organization, which must be perfect: guest management, caterer, entertainment, decor and technical equipment, cameraman to immortalize the event, etc.


That’s a lot of parameters to anticipate and succeed in! This is why the help of an events professional is most often necessary.


Carmin event agency specializes in organizing all types of events for businesses, whether seminars, conventions or even professional evenings.


The support of their team of experts will make your task much easier. And will allow you to stay calm, before and during the big day.


Our bonus tips

There are a multitude of ways to express your gratitude: the more appropriate the distinction, the more recognized and proud the recipient will feel.


So don’t hesitate to use your imagination, as you ask your teams, and to personalize their reward. 

But don’t forget this essential notion, on which the entire value of a reward rests: the sincerity with which you award it. This authenticity implies total transparency in your selection process. Hence the importance of choosing your criteria upstream.