Green univers : a sustainable trophy for a sustainable event

Case study June 04, 2024

Producing more sustainable trophies and tombstones starts primarily with the choice of materials we use. All our creations are conceived and built from materials that are more respectful of our environment. The Green Univers trophies are a perfect example!

For the 7th consecutive year, Andera Partners and Green Univers have celebrated the actions of women in the energy transition by highlighting 20 women, including 8 winners, across five major categories: private sector, public sector, associations, finance, and innovation. These women, selected from 119 applications, were recognized for their contributions to the energy transition in 2023.

On this occasion, we produced the 6 trophies awarded during the ceremony. At ARTEMPO, it is essential to create a trophy that reflects your image, but also your values and beliefs. These trophies were made from Greencast PMMA, cut to shape with digital printing of text and logos. The Greencast range is a 100% recycled PMMA range. Indeed, at ARTEMPO, we exclusively use this range to offer clients like Andera Partners more responsible trophies and tombstones. The PMMA piece was placed on a base made of PEFC-certified oak wood (Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification). This base was made from wood sourced from sustainably managed forests, respecting their economic, environmental, and social functions. Once finalized, the trophies were carefully placed in recycled cardboard boxes. Being aware of the issues related to plastic waste, we mainly use recycled kraft paper to finalize our packages. Plastic, polystyrene, or other polluting materials are thus excluded from our packaging processes.

We are very proud to have been able to contribute to this sustainable event. Congratulations again to all these women who actively work towards the energy transition!