Artempo supports the Fournaise Museum

Case study June 10, 2024

Artempo has supported the Fournaise Museum in the creation of new communication materials, including posters, sails, and flyers for the exhibition “Renoir Impressionist, the Immersive Experience.” This exhibition was inaugurated at the very end of 2019 and extended until 2024. On this occasion, a graphic redesign of the communication elements was entrusted to us by the museum.

The Fournaise Museum, located in the town of Chatou, is a cultural gem that resonates with the artistic spirit and Impressionist history. As one of the most important cultural sites in the Paris region, the Fournaise Museum attracts visitors from all over the world. Its role in preserving the Impressionist heritage and promoting contemporary art makes it a must-visit place for art lovers and history enthusiasts.

The exhibition highlights the artist Auguste Renoir, a major painter of the Impressionist movement. The banks of the Seine were a significant source of inspiration for Renoir during his stays on the Île des Impressionnistes. The exhibition retraces the artist’s paintings, thoughts, and secrets through a modern scenography featuring digital animations, holograms, and videos within the immersive settings of the Fournaise House.

Whether through social networks, advertising, or printed publications, the visual aesthetics of the exhibition’s communication elements are a key factor in conveying its artistic and cultural message. To achieve this, Artempo created a brand universe around Renoir and his paintings, the banks of the Seine, and the historical site represented by the Fournaise House, as well as the immersive, playful, and innovative experience of the exhibition.

We are pleased to have supported the Fournaise Museum, a major cultural player in the Paris region, in developing this new communication identity around the exhibition “Renoir Impressionist, the Immersive Experience.”

The museum is open from Wednesday to Sunday, with departures organized every 30 minutes, and the duration of the exhibition tour is approximately 55 minutes. More information on